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Parking on the UH Manoa Campus

Directions to the UH Parking Office

The UH Parking and Transportation Services Office is located in the Queen Lili‘uokalani Student Services Center, Room 014, 2600 Campus Road. Main office hours are 7:45 am to 4:30 pm. Telephone is 808-356-8899.

  1. Get general directions to University Avenue, (H-1 has a university offramp going both east and west).
  2. Take University Avenue towards the mountains, and make sure you cross Dole Street.
  3. At the crest of the hill, Maile Way will cross University Avenue. Turn RIGHT onto Maile Way.
  4. The gate Guard will hit you for $3 and you need to tell them you're going to pickup a parking pass.
  5. The third driveway on the right is Campus Road, turn right and find some short term parking at the front of the building.
  6. Go downstairs to room 014. (Make sure you take your parking ticket with you!)
  7. Parking permits are normally $3/day but when "public parking" runs out, you won't get locked out and you get in/out priviledges.
  8. They will apply the $3 you paid at the gate towards your pass.

The Parking and Transportation Services Office web site also has more detailed parking lot maps, as well as information about on-campus shuttles and other transportation alternatives.


Map of the UH Manoa campus, showing the Student Services Building.

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Overflow Visitor Parking:

The upper campus visitor's lot fills up very quickly, so please use the alternate lot off of Lower Campus Road (refer to the map below):

  1. Go back East West Road and turn RIGHT onto Dole Street.
  2. At the 2nd street light (just past the Law School and before the Music Building), turn LEFT onto Lower Campus Road.
  3. Near the bottom of the hill is a gate guard; they will ding you for $3.
  4. Just after the guard shack, turn LEFT and follow the road around to the parking structure.
  5. Find parking and mark down both the column letters (A, AA, G, GG, etc) and the color of the bands on the column. The color indicates the floor, the letter indicates the area.
  6. Take the elevator or stairs to the top floor and walk towards the mountains.

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